(1987) - Super 8 - B&W - Expressionistic - (1:30)
A Woman dreams of a mysterious Man
who gives her a box of ants. With Gina Schock, Tosh Berman & Jim Froelich. Sounds: Gary Friedlander. Production manager: Margot. Gaffer: Kent Moorman.

(1989) - 16mm - B&W - Expressionistic (3:30)

A Man on the dark side of the world sends a letter to a Woman on the light side of the world, by burning it with a magnifying glass. Orange groves and railroad tracks included. With Gina Schock & Ken Bousquet. 1st AD: Betsy Finegan, 2nd AD: Ken Bousquet, Music: Gary Friedlander.
16mm - Color -
Collage Animation - (:45)
A head in the sand spits out a mechanical bubble with a little man inside who flys the bubble into a cloud causing the sky to explode, clearing the sky for a sunny day. With Mr. Kent. Photo Printing by Erik.