At Reseda High School I majored in still photography with H. Warren King and I was accepted into Cal Arts & Art Center, but I was pretty wild & crazy at the time so I decided to become a ballet dancer instead. After seriously studying Ballet & Music for 4 years, I realized that this could take awhile.

I then took a class in "The History of Cinema" at Los Angeles Valley College and was so inspired by Un Chien Andalou and Beauty & The Beast, that I started making my own films. My 1st film was called Ant Farm, and was shot in Super 8, B&W. At the time I worked as a paste-up artist for a month and earned $400 to buy a Canon 1014 Super 8 camera to make Ant Farm.

After completing the program at L.A.V.C. I enrolled the cinema program at Los Angeles City College. The teachers & staff were extremely supportive and enabled me to be very creative & make 7 more 16mm surreal fantasy films! My films have since screened at numerous film festivals & museums worldwide.




March 1987,
shooting "Ant Farm"